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Over the years, the school has gained reputation internationally as institution where excellence in academics is the watchword and where parents can leave their children in our boarding house and be confident that adequate care will be provided for them. A good percentage of the parents of our boarding students are in the diaspora as they desire their children to be educated in the African setting.

Currently in our school in Nigeria and Togo, we have children from ten sdifferent nations and this gives the schoool international flavour as students have opportunity to meet with others from different cultural backgrounds. To enrich their studies, Epicans are exposed to local and international excursions periodically.

Epic Junior School Nigeria

Head-Teacher Epic Junior School Nigeria

Welcome to Epic Junior School Nigeria,
I want to welcome you warmly to Epic Junior School, Nigeria. I am really delighted to have you here! I am extremely honoured to be one of the resourceful persons serving at this great school.

I am really proud of our school and the staff work extremely hard to make learning fun and exciting.

We work as a very close team and strive to involve parents as much as possible in the learning of their children.

At Epic Junior School Nigeria we aim to provide a broad and balanced education for all the children within a happy, stimulating and healthy environment and we want each child to achieve the best he or she can.

Our goal is to make out of your child a well-developed person who is academically sound, mentally stable and spiritually mature. We pride ourselves on our determination to raise pupils who have instilled in them the culture of discipline and hard work.

We have excellent teachers, teaching assistants and office staff who work as a very close team to bring out the best in each of the pupils.

Our school offers a unique educational experience for all pupils by providing a curriculum which is unique to the Epic Schools.

Our curriculum is a rich blend of the Nigerian curriculum and other major curricula in the world. It is robust and relevant to the real world, reflecting the knowledge and skills that pupils need to compete successfully as global citizens.

We are committed to giving hope to the academically challenged child, as we ensure that no pupils is allowed to remain or labeled dull. In other words, we give individualized attention to such pupils.

We provide a positive, engaging, fun and continuous learning environment that stimulates and supports children in achieving their full potential. We have big ideas to bring out the best in each child and continually strive for excellence both morally and academically with a passion for national and global exposure.

Skills / Talents
We believe there is no dull child and every child has his/her area of smartness and strength, and as professionals we ensure that no child is left behind in the learning process, thus we help our children discover and develop their skills/talents, enabling them attain the full expressions of their potential and giftedness.

The development of the whole child is at the heart of the learning centre, so we teach our pupils to ‘Learn’ to ‘Grow’, to ‘Dream’ to ‘Develop’ and to Love. We believe that, our parents take good interest in their ward(s) lives and the school. We therefore place a high value on building a relationship with the child and with the family.

We believed that parents will join hands with us to build this great relationship and by the time the pupils leave us to secondary school, we would want them to be responsible and to be independent children that we all will be proud of.

Miss Alude Abiola.
Epic Junior School Nigeria.